Upper Back Pain Relief in Seconds without Drugs

Need relief from upper back pain? 

Upper back pain from poor posture, muscle strain, arthritis, or another type of injury or condition can be excruciating. But it doesn't have to interfere with the way you do life. Many people seek relief by turning to prescription medication.

February 6th, 2019 by Kailo Labs.


According to the CDC, "there has been a dramatic increase in the acceptance and use of prescription opioids for the treatment of chronic…back pain…despite serious risks." 

Opioids such as Methadone, Oxycodone, and Hydrocodone are highly addictive. Twenty-five percent of people receiving long-term opioid therapy struggle with addiction. 

"To reverse this epidemic," the CDC says that "we need to improve the way we treat pain." 

The Kailo pain patch, may have found the ideal solution. If you are looking for a way to get upper back pain relief in seconds without dangerous drugs or opioids, Kailo may be the answer you've been searching for.


  • "The doctor wanted to give me painkillers. I didn’t want them. Then my mom brought me a Kailo patch. I had her tape it right on my spine above my break, and the pain went away in seconds.”

Paiden Mecham

How Does Kailo Work for Upper Back Pain Relief?

Originally developed for nanotech military communications equipment, the Kailo technology was later developed into a pain patch to reduce pain. The scientists had a vision to bring Kailo to everyday people struggling to enjoy a pain-free life, which lead to Kailo starting a crowdfunding campaign with Indiegogo, and the project was funded in 143 minutes. 

A Kailo pain patch works with your body's natural electrical system to turn down your pain receptors and provide relief. The non-transdermal patches are comprised of millions of nanocapictors that act like bio antennas that send pain-fighting signals to your brain. 

Kailo patches attach to your skin or clothing by way of a silicon adhesive — and they contain zero opioids or other medication. They rely solely on nano-technology to provide upper back pain relief.  

Where to Place Kailo to Relieve Upper Back Pain

The target placement of Kailo to relieve upper back pain depends on the location of your pain. The basic positioning technique is to place Kailo between the pain and your brain. Move Kailo around to several locations until you find the spot that provides the most significant relief. 

If your upper back pain is between your shoulder blades, you could get relief by placing Kailo above the pain on either side of the spine or directly on the spine. 

You can start by placing Kailo just on or above the pain and move it up toward the head, slowly moving left to right to see which location relieves your upper back pain the best.


  • "It took me about 3 minutes before I found a good spot on my upper back. The pain went away within seconds."

Michael Labbe

Will Kailo Help with Upper Back Spasms?

You can use Kailo for all kinds of pain in almost any location on your body. If you have pain caused by upper back spasms, place Kailo above the spasm to find relief. Kailo pain patches can also help relieve upper back tension, muscle pain, spine pain, and more. 

 Here's what a first-time Kailo user said about his upper back spasms: 

"I have been suffering from daily muscle spasms and tightening that was so painful it felt like my spine was being crushed in a vise. This has gone on for over 4 years. I have tried everything. [Kailo] has (so far) given me amazing relief from the daily [upper back] pain that I had been feeling." — Michael Labbe 


You can read more testimonials about Kailo here.  

Kailo patches attach to your skin or clothing by way of a silicon adhesive — and they contain zero opioids or other medication. They rely solely on nano-technology to provide upper back pain relief.  

How Long Does the Relief Last?

You can wear a Kailo pain patch 24/7 to relieve upper back pain. As long as you wear the patch, you will experience relief. 

Plus, the patches are nearly indestructible and can last for years if you care for them well. Kailo attaches to your skin or clothing with an optional silicone ad-hesive that may need to be changed out about once a week. 


Because Kailo is waterproof, you can wear it swimming, in the shower, or at the beach.  

Kailo Pain Patch Upper Back Pain Waterproof

Is Kailo a Safe Way to Relieve Upper Back Pain?

Kailo is non-addictive and contains zero medication, making it a safer alterna-tive than prescription opioids. The pain patches are the perfect solution for upper back pain relief — and they work better than over the counter (otc) products — and have no harmful side effects. 

"I always have [Kailo] in my purse, ready to use whenever I need it." – Delphine D. 

Thankfully, Stuart Fetzer had the vision to bring Kailo pain relief patches to the public so everyone could enjoy a life without pain. Simply place a Kailo pain patch on your body between your brain and the pain — and within seconds, you'll experience the upper back pain relief you've been searching for. No chemicals. No side effects. No addictions. Kailo is one of the best back pain relief products on the market today. 

Try a Kailo pain patch risk-free to see how it can relieve your upper back pain in seconds. 

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