Kailo Pain Patch Placement Guide for Fast Relief

Proper Kailo patch placement is your drug-free solution to relieve pain in seconds.

If you have:

  • Received your Kailo patch in the mail and are ready to outsmart your pain;
  • Heard about Kailo and want to learn how and where to place it on your body for best results; or
  • Are struggling to find the perfect placement location for fast relief:

Then this Kailo placement guide will share everything you need to know to say goodbye to pain and get back in the game of life.

VERY IMPORTANT FIRST STEP: Your Kailo patch sticks to your body with a silicone adhesive strip that you physically attach to the patch. For best results, wait to apply the adhesive strip to your Kailo until after you've found the best placement on your body.

General Instructions for Kailo Placement

Kailo pain patch is easy to use, water-proof, reusable, and relies on millions of nano-capacitors that act as bio antennas to clarify and enhance the communication between the brain and the location of pain without harmful side effects.

To simplify the placement process, wait to apply the adhesive strip to your Kailo until after you have found the location on your body that provides the most significant pain reduction possible. In most cases, it will be somewhere between the pain and your brain.

As a general rule, start by placing your Kailo patch near (but above) your pain. Then, slowly move Kailo away from the pain and toward your brain, following the pathway of your nervous system.

If you start to feel Kailo warm up or tingle, then you know your pain patch is beginning to work to relieve your pain. In many cases, you'll notice relief from your pain within seconds. However, for some people, it can take longer, even a few minutes.

Never settle with the first point of relief. Test several areas on your body until you find the location that maximizes your pain relief or eliminates the pain completely.

Kailo is non-transdermal — which means you don't have to apply it directly to your skin if you don't want. You can wear Kailo over lightweight clothing or with placement accessories.

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How to Place Kailo on Your Head

A headache can ruin even the brightest day. Head pain that originates in your forehead can be relieved by placing Kailo pain patch horizontally over one temple and half of your forehead. If the pain is behind your eye, place Kailo vertically over the eye and your forehead. If your headache originates at the base of your skull, place Kailo horizontally at the top of your neck and slide it up toward the pain. With other headache locations, place Kailo near the pain and move it around until you find relief. Hello Kailo. Goodbye headache.

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Where to Place Kailo Patch to Relieve Shoulder Pain

Is shoulder pain making it hard to enjoy life? Get your spark back with a pain patch placement situated vertically at the back side of the painful shoulder nearest your arm socket. Slowly move the Kailo across the shoulder and toward the neck, pausing periodically until you experience relief. Alternately, you can place Kailo on the front side of your body, moving from shoulder to neck until Kailo disrupts the pain signals and brings a smile.

How to Place Kailo to Outsmart Arm and Hand Pain

Say goodbye to arm and hand pain by placing Kailo horizontally underneath your upper arm, between the elbow and shoulder (near your triceps). Slowly rock Kailo toward your body and onto the top of your upper arm (near your biceps). Pause periodically until you find the location that provides the best pain reduction.

Where to Place Kailo to Reduce Back Pain Fast

Are you frustrated by back pain? Place Kailo horizontally just above the pain so that your patch also touches your spine. Slowly move Kailo up the spine, pausing from time to time until you find the location that turns those pain receptors down and gives you the back pain relief you've been waiting for (and without opioids).

Kailo Placement for Knee Pain

Walk, stand, sit, or run with more confidence and ease. Place Kailo horizontally 2-3 inches above the painful knee on the inside portion of your thigh. Alternatively, place Kailo horizontally — directly below the knee — with one edge of Kailo in the center of the shinbone and the other end wrapping around the outside of the lower leg.

Relieve Foot and Ankle Pain

Kick your foot and ankle pain to the curb. Place Kailo across the bridge of your foot or around the backside of your calf just above the ankle. Slowly move Kailo up your leg, pausing along the way until you feel significant relief.

How to Use Kailo Adhesive

Once you have found the ideal location to block your pain with your Kailo patch, you'll want to attach an adhesive. Our silicone adhesives are:

  • Soft on the skin;
  • Doesn't pull out the hair
  • Will re-stick multiple times.

Each Kailo bundle comes with a number of adhesives that you can quickly apply to the back of your Kailo for easy application.

Here are the step-by-step instructions to use our adhesives:

  1. Align the adhesive (print side down) with the back of your Kailo patch.
  2. Holding one end down, remove half of the adhesive backing as you adhere it to the Kailo patch.
  3. Peel the second half of the adhesive backing and finish applying it to Kailo.
  4. Now, you can store your Kailo for future use since the outside is not yet sticky.
  5. When you are ready to use your pain patch, peel off the clear adhesive backing from Kailo and apply it to your skin or clothing!

Kailo, with our adhesive backing, can be removed and reapplied to your skin multiple times before losing its stickiness. Plus, it can be washed gently with soap and water to renew its adhesive properties. If washing no longer restores the stickiness, simply peel the old adhesive off Kailo and place a new adhesive strip on your patch following the above instructions.

What If I Can't Find Good Placement for Kailo?

If you are struggling to find the perfect placement position for your Kailo pain patch, don't give up. Kailo is all about helping you find relief. Our customer support team will gladly help you find the right location for your patch so you can truly experience the pain-free life that you desire.

For help with placement, reach out to our customer support team at support@gokailo.com.

For help with placement, please contact us at support@gokailo.com

How Often (and Long) Should I Wear Kailo for Best Results?

For best results, wear Kailo all day, every day:

  • To the gym (take your workout to new levels);
  • In the shower, swimming pool, or ocean (Kailo is water poof);
  • While you sleep (best night ever);
  • Running a marathon (beat your record);
  • Playing with your grandchildren (never too old for fun); or
  • Everywhere you go and in everything you do.

If you wear your adhesive Kailo patch full time, the adhesive can last as long as seven days, depending on placement and skin type. Plus, the adhesive can be cleaned to extend its effectiveness (as mentioned above). Once it loses its stickiness permanently, peel it off and reapply a new adhesive. The Kailo patch itself can last several years to a lifetime, depending on care and use.

Kailo makes pain relief painless. Just place Kailo between your brain and the pain, and let it go to work for you. Pain relief has never been this simple or affordable. Go Kailo!