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Our Bodies are Electrical

Our bodies have something like electrical wiring called a nervous system. Our nervous system acts and reacts by sending signals to and from different parts of the body.

We Are Able to Feel Pain Because of Electrical Signals in Our Bodies

When you feel pain for any reason, it is because of the messages being sent along the nervous system. When those messages are created and sent, energy is produced and causes electrical reactions.

Drugs and Electric Fields Affect Our Bodies’ Natural Signals

The signals of your nervous system can be influenced by chemicals (like drugs) and by electric fields (like magnets or TENS units). The Kailo technology was initially created to work as an antenna and was accidentally discovered to help reduce the sensation of pain. Because of this, we theorize that the Kailo technology influences the nervous system with electric fields.

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The Kailo Technology Affects Your Body’s Natural Signals

When people who wear our patches feel a reduction in pain, it is because they have discovered a location on their body where the patch is influencing the electrical reactions that are causing the sensation of pain.

The Kailo Technology is Made of Familiar Elements

The Kailo Technology is made up of elements that are used in electronic applications. Some of them include copper, silver, and silicon. In our patches, microscopic particles of those elements are arranged in a special, patented way that is efficient at absorbing electrical energy. That act of absorption is what makes the patch work. This is the reason you may feel a warming sensation when the patch is in the right place on your body.


The final results from the IRB-approved study demonstrated that

Patients who used Kailo over a period of 30 days showed a vast reduction of their pain severity levels.

They also experienced a better quality of life, improved function, were very satisfied with the Kailo Pain Patch, and preferred the patch over oral pain medications.

"With the increased focus on identifying alternative therapies for patients experiencing pain, the use and ongoing research of novel approaches including the non-drug and microtechnology based Kailo patch, seem to have a very positive effect on patients who are experiencing mild, moderate, and chronic pain.”

Jeffrey Gudin, MD | Principal Investigator

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The Results Are In And They're Amazing

  • Significant decrease in pain severity with no side effects

  • Significant improvement in mood, sleep, activity, and relationships.

  • Patient satisfaction for convenience and ease of use

  • Patients used a lot less concurrent oral medication.

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First off, I’d like to thank you all for bringing this amazing new pain relief technology to market. It has been a real answer to my prayers for pain relief. I was injured and it caused me to suffer with excruciating, debilitating chronic pain for almost 5years. Then it caused me to lose my ability to walk, drive, work, have my grandkids over, I became a different person. No quality of life at all. Felt robbed of any and all joy in life. I actually got so depressed I contemplated ending my life. The pain never ever stopped. I don’t subscribe to traditional western medicine’s opioids and surgery was out of the question. I prayed for a miracle. And prayed and prayed and then. They were answered most abundantly. Thanks.
Sarina Verified Buyer | 9/11/23
Dear Kailo Team, It is a miracle the patch you made. I was suffering from post-traumatic facial pain for years and the patch is more effective than any narcotics I tried. Thank you very much! I also shared my experience in our support group and at least one member ordered one patch and few others said they would order it. I’m not asking for anything (discount or whatever), just expressing gratitude. Awesome work!
Eugene Verified Buyer | 9/6/23
I have been using the original Kailo patches. I use it to assist me with pain on my Rotator cuff. Also assists me with my Parkinson disease.
Alan Verified Buyer | 8/18/23
I bought a patch from you last year. My son has since had his leg amputated ( below knee ) which as you might imagine was paining him considerably. I gave him the patch and he said within 15 min. Most all pain had disappeared. He, and I are now firm believers and ever so appreciative.
Phil Verified Buyer | 8/16/23
I am suffering from severe sciatica caused by a prolapsed disc at L4/L5. I've been unable to walk sometimes. At first, I found it difficult to find where the Kailo would be successful. I emailed Kailo and Julie encouraged me to keep trying. Eventually, I found it worked best along the spine and along the nerve in the thigh to just beyond it and also from the top of the buttock to the spine. There was a definite reduction in pain.
John Verified Buyer | 7/12/23
Kailo has changed my life for the better. No more pain pills - I used to go to a pain clinic every month for pain pills--Since Kailo --no pain clinic or pain pills! That has been over two years ago! I love the Kailo patch!
Sandra Verified Buyer | 7/5/23
It is curious, the package just arrived, I tried immediately and this thing is a kind of sorcery the pain disappeared almost completely, I cut all tendons from my right shoulder (collarbone and acromium) I got surgery and the supraespinatus tendons have been hurting me for weeks but not anymore.
Diego Verified Buyer | 6/30/23
I love my kailo- I’ve recommended it to friends. My neuralgia caused by shingles didn’t let me enjoy walking anymore. But since I have kailo I go hiking almost every weekend and pain- free.
Richard Verified Buyer | 6/12/23
I have had tremendous back pain for years due to nerve damage in my lower back. I also have severe arthritis and this patch has given me more relief than anything I have tried. Please try it if you have pain. It really works.
Debbie Verified Buyer | 5/23/23
I have been suffering with Chronic pain for 20+years and have tried just about everything that is on the market without any success. I had a diving accident when I was 19years old and the specialists said that I would never walk again and have to spend the rest of my life in a wheelchair ♿️ With a lot of determination and rehabilitation I proved them wrong. As a result I have still another of pain and no quality of life I couldn't even leave the house .Then I saw the add for Kailo on Facebook and I was a bit sceptical but then I thought well what have I got to lose only my pain .I decided to give it a try and Wow was I pleased to take that plunge and do it.It is like getting a miracle when I found the right spot no more PAIN absolutely Wonderful. I now have my quality of life back and enjoying my life again doing all the things that I couldn't do before thanks to this remarkable Kailo Patch.Thankyou so much for giving me back my life I really do feel young again l am 75yrs young and loving life.Thankyou ❤️ Kailo so much.l will never be able to 😊 thankyou enough. I will keep recommending this to all my friends and family.
Carol Verified Buyer | 5/19/23


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