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Join Kailo's Rewards Program!

Become a member and earn points & exclusive rewards every time you shop

"BTW-as a vet with multiple constant pain-I cannot thank you for this Kailo!!! Oh boy it works and I am excited to tell your story to everyone!! Thanks."

Patrick D.

"Every one of my kids have back trouble 2 from wrecks that were not their fault. My son has sciatica from a injury on his job he has been unable to work for a year. Thank you for giving me my life back."

Timothy H.

"I have received your products week ago and it is a miracle. I have a very bad back and I have been in pain at least 10 years and have tried shots and acupuncture was no help. I put your nano pad on and in 5 minutes no pain. I am 81 yes going on 82 and you have made me very happy."


"Received our Kailo today. My wife has fairly severe dystonia in her left leg and L5 pain in her back. Within 2 minutes of placing the Kailo she began to get relief. I don’t know if this is psychological or the real deal but it made an instant difference. Thanks!"

Barry C.


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We offer a no-hassle, no restrictions, 100% money-back guarantee on our patches.

Over 90% of our customers have found an increase in comfort. Our goal is to help everyone get relief. If you feel Kailo isn’t working for you within 90 days or Flex is not working for you within 30 days,​ we’ll gladly take it back. Element has a lifetime warranty/guarantee so try it risk free!

Before returning your Kailo, we would love a chance to make sure you’ve found the correct placement. Please contact us at support@gokailo.com

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  • Mauricio C.

    "My hand had osteoarthritis and I used the Kailo for 5 minutes and now I am free of pain for the rest of the day. Gracias all of you!"

  • Ana A.

    "I’m training for a 500 mile walk and my hip was killing me. I placed the Kailo patch in two places and my pain is gone! I used a small piece near my ear and it’s also helping diminish my tinnitus."

  • Randall S.

    "Hi, as a repeat customer, I wish to express my total satisfaction of your Kailo pain product. I never would believe how such a thing could relieve pain like this."

  • John B.

    "Quick shipping, great value, and has always reduced or eliminated pain when placed properly. This is the second one I ordered. Very satisfied customer."

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The final results are in, and they’re incredibly positive.

On January 30, 2022 Pain Relief Technologies LLC and Kailo Pain Patch® announced the IRB-Approved PREVENT study’s final results. The trial produced positive results in patients with mild, moderate, and severe pain conditions, with resounding support from nearly all participants.

Check out the full results published in the international peer-reviewed journal Anesthesia and Pain Research. The research article includes everything you need to know about the study procedures, assessments, patients, methods, and outcome of the trial.


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