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Kailo is designed to boost the natural signals of the body and help the brain communicate with disrupted areas more effectively to help with pain. Learn more.

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What's Kailo?

Kailo is an innovative, non-transdermal technology that looks and acts like a patch. Kailo interacts with the body's electrical system. Each Kailo contains a patented array of nano-capacitors that work as a bio antenna, designed to assist the body in clear communication to turn down the volume on your pain. 


How does it work?

Kailo is made with a patented technology that is being developed for use in high-tech applications like antennas, signal transmission, bio-identification, and energy storage. The effectiveness of Kailo on the human body was sort of a happy accident. Kailo is designed to boost the natural signals of the body and helps the brain communicate with disrupted areas more effectively. 

Your Body is an Electrical System

Electricity is everywhere, even in the human body. Our cells are specialized to conduct electrical currents. Electricity is required for the nervous system to send signals throughout the body and back to the brain — making it possible for us to move, think, and feel. 

The Kailo™ nanocapacitors are designed to work in harmony with your body’s electrical system like a bio antenna. You may even feel your Kailo begin to get warm as your nervous system responds. Now, once the pain and discomfort is managed, your body can get back to living the life you should be living. 

Billions of nanocapacitors, one simple solution for pain.

How do I use Kailo?

Each Kailo comes with a small pack of adhesives that can be easily applied to the back of your Kailo for seamless application. When the adhesive loses its stick, simply peel it off and apply a new one for next time. If you don’t want to use the provided adhesives, feel free to use your favorite athletic or medical tape to hold your Kailo in place.  

Correct Placement is Key

Because the pain relief is dependent on your body’s nervous system pathways, there can often be a little trial and error when it comes to correct placement. We’ve found that when a friend or loved one helps you, it can shorten the amount of time needed to find the right spot.

Kailo is known to start working within seconds, so it’s fairly easy to know if you’ve found the right spot. Simply move Kailo around in varying configurations until you find relief, then remove the adhesive backing and apply it to that location. We’ll send a handy placement guide with your Kailo kit to help you find just the right spot.

Kailo can be worn both under and over clothing.

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  • 1 Reusable Kailo

  • 1 Soft Carry Case

  • 3 Adhesives 

Kailo is designed to interact with the body's electrical system. Each Kailo contains a patented array of nanocapacitors designed to work as a bio antenna, assisting the body in clear communication to turn down the volume on your pain. Kailo can help you:  

  • Recover faster

  • Improve flexibility 

  • Regain a natural range of motion


The Soft Carry Case is a protective felt pocket featuring a sleeve in the front for your Kailo and a sleeve on the back to store extra adhesives. Keep it in your purse, back pocket or even your gym bag so it's always there when you need it most. 


Adhesives allow you to stick the Kailo directly to your skin, in a spot where you're feeling the most relief. The adhesive backing is double-sided. One side, made of an acrylic-based adhesive is applied to the Kailo. The other side, made of a skin-friendly, silicon-based adhesive, should be applied to your skin. The silicone adhesive is very comfortable and won't pull your hair when removed! 

We've found that a Kailo with our adhesive backing can be removed and reapplied to your skin multiple times before losing its stick. When the adhesive loses its stick, wash it gently with soap and water to renew its stickiness. If that doesn't work, simply peel the adhesive off and put on a new one. 

*We have found that a small percentage of customers have reported allergic reactions to our silicon-based adhesive. 


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And hundreds of other applications!

These are some of the most common applications, but we have thousands of use cases. People use Kailo for just about every kind of pain. Kailo has helped provide natural relief in joints, muscles, and nerves. If you are wondering if Kailo can help you, we have a 100% money-back guarantee so it won’t hurt to give it a shot!


Instead of placing Kailo on top of the location that hurts, start by placing Kailo a few inches away from the pain—between the pain and your brain along the nervous system pathway. Hold the Kailo in place for a few moments to see if you can feel it start to slightly warm up. If Kailo warms up, it’s already beginning to work. Even if Kailo doesn’t warm up, you should feel Kailo start to work in less than a minute. If pain doesn’t subside, slowly move Kailo a few inches and try again. When you find the right spot, you’ll notice a significant decrease or even elimination of your pain. If your pain was caused by an injury, following the same placement process between the injury location and the brain is often an effective solution.

Kailo is an innovative, non-transdermal technology that looks and acts like a patch. Kailo can be placed directly on the skin, or over lightweight clothing or placement accessories. Kailo does not have to touch the skin to be effective.  


Kailo is very durable. Treated properly, Kailo may last for years before needing replacement. Kailo is a great value. No other pain relief on the market offers so much potential for a one-time purchase.

How long can I wear Kailo? 

You can wear Kailo all day every day if desired.

Can my Kailo get wet? 

Yes. Each Kailo is formed on a waterproof polyester substrate and is covered with a dielectric coating. They have been tested for water-resistance and full submersion. After use in water, simply dab it with a clean, dry towel and allow it to air dry.


Kailo is far more than just a business for us, it's about creating pain-free lives. Kailo has already changed thousands of lives. If you think Kailo will work for you or a family member, try it out risk-free. We offer a no-hassle, 100% money-back guarantee. If you feel Kailo isn't working for you within 30 days, we'll gladly take it back. If you are giving Kailo as a gift, we offer a 60-day return policy. Please provide the gift recipient with your order number. If the gift is returned it will be refunded to the gift purchaser within 14 days of initiating the return. Gift recipients are not entitled to the refund and acknowledge that no refund will be made, except when required by law. Before returning your Kailo, we would love a chance to make sure you've found the correct placement. Over 90% of our customers have found an increase in comfort after using Kailo. Our goal is to help everyone get relief. Please contact us at support@gokailo.c


What's inside Kailo?

Let’s take a look inside Kailo’s innovative, licensed technology. It was invented as a leading-edge antenna technology and in a EUREKA! moment was discovered to also help relieve pain. So what's inside a Kailo? What makes it work?