Single Element Pain Patch
Single Element Pain Patch
Single Element Pain Patch
Single Element Pain Patch
Single Element Pain Patch
Single Element Pain Patch
  • Single Element Pain Patch
  • Single Element Pain Patch
  • Single Element Pain Patch
  • Single Element Pain Patch
  • Single Element Pain Patch
  • Single Element Pain Patch

Single Element Pain Patch

A drug-free, use anywhere pain patch guaranteed to last a lifetime


Free Shipping in the US for orders of $49 or more!

Color: Light Gray Dark Gray

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Each Kailo Element comes with:

  • Element patch
  • 10 adhesives
  • Leather pocket
  • KT tape
  • Lifetime Warranty Card - Lifetime replacements for manufacturing failure.

Product Highlights

  • Lifetime guarantee
  • No drugs, no smell
  • Lasts a lifetime
  • Wear more than one at a time
  • Wear it 24 hours a day
  • Works within seconds
  • Clinically proven

How Does the Element Work?

The Element pain patch is electrical. It was made to connect with your nervous system and soak up broken signals. Good signals help your body reduce pain.

Because your body is always on. The Element is always on. The power in your body makes the Element work.

Why You Should Get the Element Pain Patch

The Element relieves pain fast! Anywhere you need it, anytime you need it.

The Element is reusable. You can wear it 24-7 and it will last a lifetime.

The Element is the best value. Because the Element lasts a lifetime, it is the least expensive pain patch per use on the market.

The Element is durable but soft. The Element is made with soft-touch materials that are tear-resistant and smooth. This means that The Element is heavier and thicker than The Kailo or The Flex patches but The Element will outlast them both.

The Element doesn’t stink. Because The Element is made of raw conducting elements, like Copper, it doesn’t stink or leave a smell on you.

*Do not use if you have a pacemaker or are pregnant.

What Is My Risk?

  • The Element is drug free
  • The Element comes with a lifetime guarantee
  • We will replace The Element anytime, no questions asked


BTW-as a vet with multiple constant pain-I cannot thank you for this Kailo!!! Oh boy it works and I am excited to tell your story to everyone!! Thanks.
Patrick D.
Every one of my kids have back trouble 2 from wrecks that were not their fault. My son has sciatica from a injury on his job he has been unable to work for a year." Thank you for giving me my life back.
Timothy H.
I have received your products week ago and it is a miracle. I have a very bad back and I have been in pain at least 10 years and have tried shots and acupuncture was no help. I put your nano pad on and in 5 minutes no pain. I am 81 yes going on 82 and you have made me very happy.
Received our Kailo today. My wife has fairly severe dystonia in her left leg and L5 pain in her back. Within 2 minutes of placing the Kailo she began to get relief. I don’t know if this is psychological or the real deal but it made an instant difference. Thanks!
Barry C.

Do you love your Kailo or Flex patch?

Save money and buy a lifetime of pain relief in one patch. Try The Element.


Simply take Element out of the box, attach the adhesive and place it on your body, no additional steps required.

step one

Place Element at the source of your pain


Move it around slowly until you find the perfect Spot

step Three

Stick it on and enjoy the relief!

Successful Clinical Research Results

The IRB-approved study showed:

Patients like Kailo more than pills
Patients like Kailo more than other treatments
Patients feel relief in less than 10 minutes
Patients get better rest using Kailo

“The results from the IRB-approved study demonstrated that patients who used Kailo over a period of 30 days showed lower levels of pain severity. They experienced a better quality of life, improved function, were very satisfied with the Kailo Pain Patch, and preferred the patch over oral pain medications. With the increased focus on identifying alternative therapies for patients in pain that clinicians and consumers can turn to, the use and ongoing research of novel approaches, including the non-drug, and microtechnology-based Kailo patch, seems to have a very positive effect on patients who are experiencing mild, moderate, and chronic pain.”

Jeffrey Gudin, MD.
Principal Investigator

Dr. Jeffrey Gudin, M.D.

What's in the Box?

The Element comes in one of two colors, Light Gray or Dark Gray

Relief Wherever and Whenever You Need It

The Element is your solution for mild, medium, severe, or chronic pain. Apply it to any part of your body, and feel the pain melt away. Relief you can trust.

All Element Products - Made in the USA

All Element products are designed, engineered, and manufactured in the United States.

Free and Fast Shipping in the USA for subscriptions and orders over $49

We offer free shipping in the U.S. on subscriptions and orders over $49. All orders ship within 24 hours if ordered by 8 am on Friday. Weekend orders ship Monday morning.


Product Quality Guarantee

Every pain patch is batch tested and checked for quality. If you feel you have received a poor quality product, we would be glad to replace it.

Amazing Customer Support

We will respond quickly to your emails. We will chat with you on the website. We will meet with you on a video call. All to ensure you have an excellent experience.

Our Mission & Our Guarantee

Mission: To relieve suffering and enable joy!

Guarantee: You will be delighted with your experience or we will make it right.


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