The Flex™ Buddy Pack | 2 Flex Pain Patch Kits

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Each Flex™ Buddy Pack comes with:

  • Reusable Flex™ patches
  • 10 Free Adhesives

How The Flex and The Kailo are THE SAME

Like the Kailo Pain Patch, the Flex is a very uniquely organized sheet of capacitors designed to interact with the electrical charges that travel through your body’s nervous system. Because we know how this technology works as an antenna, we believe that it works similarly in the human body: it assists and clarifies the body’s electrical communication by absorbing excess electrical interference.

Because the Flex Pain Patch is powered by the electrical potential that already exists in our bodies, it does not require a power source, does not need to be charged, and will work as long as your body is working

How The Flex and The Kailo are DIFFERENT

The Flex Pain Patch was developed because of our customer’s requests for something softer, more flexible, and less expensive than the Kailo Pain Patch. 

The Flex is manufactured on a paper-like material that is tear-resistant but flexible. This allows the Flex Patch to conform more easily to the body and work with the adhesive to stay in place better. 

The Flex not only starts out soft but it becomes even more soft over time. The Flex has no rigid edges which means that you might not only forget your pain, you’ll also forget that you’re wearing a patch. 

The Flex doesn’t last as long as the Kailo. The Flex will last about 1 month while the Kailo will last at least a year. 

The Flex Costs Less than the Kailo. You can either buy one for $49.00 or you can sign up for a subscription for $24.99 per month

The Flex™ Buddy Pack | 2 Flex Pain Patch Kits has a rating of 3.9 stars based on 1394 reviews.