Life with chronic pain is life distracted. Life interrupted. And sometimes, life on pause. Most of us who live with pain from accidents, routine activity, or chronic conditions have tried everything in search of relief.

From potent medications with dangerous side effects to pricey cushions, shoes, and even mattresses, promises of a pain-free life are as common as their disappointing results. Finally, an innovative solution is delivering inarguable results.

Flip the switch on pain.

Pain is an electrical signal. An invention called Kailo cuts its power. The Kailo patch uses proprietary technology to counteract the pulses your brain interprets as pain. As a result, there’s no waiting for medication to spread through your system, or a routine exercise to make a difference. Just apply the adhesive patch to your skin and feel the pain reduce in a snap. Skeptical? So were its biggest

They were skeptical. Now they’re stunned.

The simple, high-tech appearance of the Kailo patch looks more like a geometric piece of art than a revolutionary painkiller. And yet revolutionary it is. Some Kailo users report pain levels dropping from 7 to 2; others, from 9 to 3. But the consensus is clear: Kailo is a life-changer.

Kailo is non-transdermal — which means you don't have to apply it directly to your skin if you don't want. You can wear Kailo over lightweight clothing or with placement accessories.