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What happens when Kailo Labs takes the Kailo pain patch to the streets? 
Level 3-12 knee pain, shoulder pain, and hip pain vanish in seconds, leaving spectators emotional with the possibilities!

“I had her tape it right on my spine above my break and the pain went away in seconds.”

“I love to play soccer. And when I play I give it everything I’ve got. That may be one of the reasons why I broke my back playing. Fortunately I only broke what is called my spinous process so I didn’t lose any feeling or movement. But, man, it hurt like crazy. I had to be in a back brace all the time and the dull and sometimes sharp pains I had were unbearable. The doctor wanted to give me painkillers but both my mom and I didn’t want them for lots of reasons. I only took Advil when the pain got unbearable. Then my mom brought me a Kailo patch. I had her tape it right on my spine above my break and the pain went away in seconds. I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t ever want to take it off. I’m healed now and playing soccer again with everything I’ve got. I’m glad to know that Kailo is out there to help me with my pain”


“She was no longer crying.”

“My 7-year old daughter woke up this morning with a 103° fever and in agony — 'my brain hurts sooo baaaad' — we laid her down on a pillow with a Kailo patch under her temple. She calmed right down. When we asked her if it still hurt she said yes (but she was no longer crying). So we took it out from under her head. Within 15 seconds she was crying again so we put the Kailo back. After 10 minutes we found it on the bed and she said she took it off because it doesn’t hurt anymore. She’s now sitting up and watching TV.”


“I never had a single sore muscle.”

“I’m 42 years old and in fair shape. I decided to hike an 11,000+ foot peak with my 17-year old son who is in excellent shape and runs cross country competitively. My son slowed his pace so that we could hike together and we made the round trip in 8 hours. During the entire hike, I wore a Kailo patch in each of my back pockets. For the next three days my son complained of sore leg muscles and had trouble climbing stairs. I never had a single sore muscle. I attribute it to wearing the Kailo patches.”


“I strapped it to my chest and within minutes was able to take a full breath.”

“I took a week-long trip for work and felt lousy the whole time. When I got home I went to the doctor and was diagnosed with pneumonia. My recovery took a long time and after more than a month I was left with shortness of breath and severe chest pains. Over the next 7 months, as I tried to discover what was causing my symptoms, I visited 7 specialists who ordered multiple tests. None of the specialists could discover what was wrong and many of them gave me quite a lot of fear as they guessed at diagnoses. My friend had a Kailo patch and asked me if I would be willing to wear it. I strapped it to my chest and within minutes was able to take a full breath. I hadn’t been able to do that for 8 months. The pain also receded significantly immediately. I have continued to wear the patch for about 2 months and the pain is almost completely gone.”


“She slept through the night and hasn't taken the Kailo patch off since.”

“My wife has had persistent problems and pain in her shoulders and upper arms. It was causing her to be unable to sleep. She initially tried out the Kailo patch and it didn't work. Both she and I were extremely skeptical, to say the least. Well about a month later, we talked to the inventor and he gave us some tips. Just the other night, we tried out the tips and found the right spot for placement. It was pretty obvious because she slept through the night and hasn't taken the Kailo patch off since. Drugs didn't help and neither did a cortizone shot. But Kailo worked like a charm.”


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