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Wrist Exercises for Carpal Tunnel Pain Relief

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If you are experiencing weakness, numbness, pain, and tingling in your wrists, you could be undergoing the early stages of carpal tunnel. Carpal tunnel occurs when you compress the median nerve that passes through the palm of your hand. Studies show that some exercises can provide carpal tunnel pain relief and could be enough to prevent future surgeries.

Unfortunately, carpal tunnel risk factors are so diverse that it can be hard to figure out what causes it to  manifest in some people rather than others. Carpal tunnel syndrome can be a result of lifestyle, overuse, or disease. Your chance of developing carpal tunnel can depend on sex (biological women are more likely to get it than men), weight, occupation, and disease risk. Any activity that overextends the wrists can lead to carpal tunnel.

The exercises below are deceptively simple. Relieving compression means increasing circulation, movement, and mobility, so even shaking your hands out every couple of minutes can provide relief! Check out some of our recommended wrist exercises below.

Up, Down, Side to Side

Wrist flexion exercises improve mobility and strength. Keep movements small if you have carpal tunnel since extreme stress on the wrists can aggravate your symptoms.

  1. Reach your arm out in front of you and makesure you are making a straight line from shoulder to fingertips.

  2. Keep the hand straight and lift your fingerstoward the ceiling.

  3. Return to neutral.

  4. Next, bend your wrist so that your fingerspoint toward the floor.

  5. Alternate these motions for a count of ten(one repetition includes one lift and one lowering movement).

  6. Then, with your arm still extended and wriststraight, repeat this exercise going side to side.

  7. Alternate for another count of ten (onerepetition includes right and left).

You can do this exercise with or without weights. An average-sized water bottle will work if you do not have small weights in your house. Adding weights will help strengthen your forearm and wrist muscles.

Flowing Prayer Stretch 

This exercisestrengthens the muscles of your hands while also stretching the wrists. Whilestrengthening the hands and wrists will not cure carpal tunnel, they canprovide carpal tunnel pain relief.

  1. Begin with your hands in a prayer position infront of the heart.
  2. Press the palms and fingers together.
  3. Begin to pull the palms apart while keepingthe fingers together.
  4. Press the fingertips together firmly toengage the muscles in the hands.
  5. Do 15 repetitions, then rest.

The movement inthe hands should flow back and forth. You will feel the muscles in the fingersand hands working as you move.

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