Do This Full-Body Workout While Watching TV

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Work out while watching TV to get all the benefits of exercise while watching your favorite shows in just 20 minutes.
workout while watching TV

Jan 2022. This article is independently written by Shelby Golding. All opinions given are hers. Shelby has been certified as a personal trainer and nutritional specialist since 2007. In 2008, she found her passion for writing about these topics and hasn't looked back.

workout while watching TV

The cold is an inevitable part of winter, but cold weather weight gain is not. The increasing cold, fattening holiday foods, and the added stress of budgeting and family parties are the perfect storm for weight gain. To keep from adding those winter pounds, you need to find ways to stay active, even if only around your house.

Watching TV is both a blessing and a curse in the colder months. Cozy afternoons and evenings spent cuddled up on the couch watching a movie are a cornerstone of modern life. But this hobby only adds to the amount of time we spend sitting. Many people spend most of their workdays sitting at a desk, staring at a screen, only to go home and sit and stare at a screen as they relax. 

The upsurge of sedentary activities is detrimental to our health, but the good news is that watching TV doesn't have to be a sedentary activity. Workout while watching TV and reap the benefits of an active lifestyle, all while binging your new favorite show.

Perils of a Sedentary Lifestyle

Sedentary lifestyles are on the rise. On average, American adults spend about 6.5 hours sitting each day, and teenagers spend about 8 hours. The number of diseases associated with a sedentary lifestyle is staggering. A sedentary lifestyle has been linked to a slower metabolism, increased stress, imbalanced sex hormones, weight gain, chronic inflammation, and certain types of cancer. 

Studies show that children and adults who watch more than two hours of TV per day are more likely to gain excess weight. The habits that we form as children often influence the lifestyle we lead as adults. Another habit that can cause weight gain while watching TV is binge eating. The combination of consuming too many calories and sitting for too long leaves us sore, overweight, and unmotivated. 

Reducing the hours spent sitting and increasing levels of activity are essential to prevent weight gain and obesity-related illnesses. Incorporating a bi-weekly workout while watching TV could be the solution. 

Benefits of Home Workouts

Home workouts get you off your couch and sweating, but they also have a myriad of other benefits. A staggering 80% of Americans do not get the recommended amount of exercise. When people are asked the reason why they didn't work out, they will come up with a variety of excuses, from the weather to the cost of a gym membership.

Working out at home negates a lot of these excuses. Plus, you get to watch TV while you work out.

Here is a list of the top benefits of working out at home:

  • You save time
  • You can work out in your pajamas
  • You don’t have to pay for a gym membership
  • You save yourself the pain of a commute
  • You don't have to avoid the gazes of your fellow gym-goers, merely the gaze of your pet or significant other.

Working out at home may be the solution to your lack of enthusiasm for exercise! So, give it a shot with this simple full-body TV workout.

Full Body TV Workout

This 20-minute workout will fit perfectly with any short episode of your favorite show. Studies have shown that short, high-intensity workouts can be more effective at burning calories than 45 minutes of exertion. In addition, you don't have to invest long hours and money to make your fitness goals a reality.

Take a break from sitting as you work every muscle group in the body and get your blood pumping.

20 jump squats
20 glute bridges with raised leg
20 curtsy squats 
20 toe raises
Repeat 3x

10 push-ups
10 burpees
30-sec plank hold
30-sec side plank hold
Repeat 3x

10 reverse push-ups
30-sec mountain climbers
10 downward dog push-ups
20 supermans
Repeat 3x

Repeat each section of exercises three times and rest one minute in between sets. If you are new to working out, do the whole workout once or twice- the goal is to get you up off the couch!

Hack Your Brain

Getting yourself to the gym or finding time in your busy schedule can make working out a wholly negative experience. Hack your brain by doing an activity you love (watching TV) while doing something good for your body (our 20-minute workout). Work out while watching TV three times a week to get used to exercising regularly. Then, if it feels good, step up your exercise routine by adding another day or two and see where your fitness adventure leads you.

It’s best to talk to your doctor before dramatically changing your level of activity. And if you notice soreness following your workout, remember to apply your Kailo pain patch to help you relax through each day. Starting a new workout routine is hard, but the Kailo patch can make it easier. 


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