The Benefits of Enjoying Lazy Summer Days (Yes, Really)

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 Summer doesn't have to be jam-packed with activities. Learn a few surprising benefits of enjoying lazy summer days this year.
Lazy Summer Days
July 2022. This article is independently written by Shelby Golding. All opinions given are hers. Shelby has been certified as a personal trainer and nutritional specialist since 2007. In 2008, she found her passion for writing about these topics and hasn't looked back.
Lazy Summer Days

The urge to laze about in the heat of a summer's day is one we all look forward to during the frigid winter months. It may seem counterintuitive to sit around doing nothing when the weather is so fine, but modern science reinforces the need for summer sloths.
Biologically, appreciating lazy summer days is a natural phenomenon. This is because your body's temperature control systems – regulated by the hypothalamus – work extra hard in the hot weather to keep you cool. The hypothalamus uses the body's stores of glucose to raise and lower your body temperature so that it matches your healthy average (for most people, that is around 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit).
Not only is it natural to feel lazy on a hot day, but there are surprising benefits of laziness- as long as you’re lazy and not suffering from fatigue. Keep reading to find out some benefits of being lazy this summer.

How Quickly Does Your Body Adapt to the Heat?

Thankfully, your body adapts quickly to the increase in heat. After only a day or two, your body produces more plasma, the liquid part of blood. As a result, more blood circulates through the body, which means improved muscle oxygenation and temperature regulation.

After a week to 10 days, the body fully adapts to the heat. However, as quickly as the body adapts to the heat, it responds equally fast to the cold.

Acclimatization to the heat helps athletes perform better. But you need to be fully adjusted before attempting any strenuous exercise. Heat stresses the body out and can cause heat stroke if you don't drink enough water or rest for a while in the shade.

Procrastination Can Make You More Productive

"Progress isn't made by early risers. It's made by lazy men trying to find easier ways to do something." Robert A. Heinlein, engineer, Naval officer, and author.
In nature, the most efficient predators often appear the laziest. For example, female lions sleep for approximately 75% of the day, while wolves sleep for about 30-40% when actively hunting.

Wasted energy isn't rewarded in survival situations. In the modern world, people don't need to worry about physical survival, but mental tasks such as those faced at work or among family and friends are equally draining.

Typically, when humans spend time in hot weather, they're less productive. But work doesn't stop because the sun is out. So procrastinating tasks might even make you more productive with your time. However, too much procrastination can increase stress and be a detriment to your health. Once you've procrastinated, you need to work harder and faster since you've given yourself less time to complete your tasks.
In the summertime, people work harder on rainy days, in the mornings and evenings. That way, they're free to be lazy when the day is warmest. If you feel inclined to move slower in the middle of the day this summer, get up early so you can complete whatever needs doing.

Laziness May Be a Sign of Intelligence

Relax in a Hammock

If you're constantly disposed to laziness, you may be happy to hear that it might indicate greater intelligence.
Intelligent people need to be engaged in activities that require thought. Studies now link this need for cognition with laziness and theorize that an inclination toward boredom may indicate a higher-than-usual intelligence.
Laziness is also related to greater emotional intelligence. Staying active is a common way to keep thinking about issues that may be causing emotional turmoil. For example, someone grieving a relationship might leap into a "rebound" to replace the one they lost or getting fired from a job might send someone searching for hobbies to fill up their newfound free time.
Taking time to sit with your emotions helps you process them more quickly so you can move on and make healthier choices in the future, leading to more prominent emotional intelligence.

Summer May Help You Lose Weight Without Exercise

Your body expends a lot of energy trying to stay cold when it's hot outside. Most people know that hot weather suppresses your appetite and stop eating heavy foods naturally as the warm weather approaches and fruits and vegetables become more accessible.
Your digestion slows down when it's hot out. This is because your body uses its water stores to prevent you from dehydrating, leading to slower digestion. It also diverts energy from digestion to the systems helping cool down the body.
The combination of appetite suppression and a craving for simple, cooling foods could help you lose weight while enjoying lazy summer days even if you aren't exercising. First, however, eat plenty of fiber and chew your food thoroughly to aid digestion and prevent stomach issues.

It Gives You Time to Process

People these days are busier than ever before. It doesn’t matter if that business is physical movement or a mental engagement at home or work - people rarely take time to sit still and rest.
Just like your body needs rest between workouts, your brain needs rest to sort through all the thoughts from the day. Of course, it has time while you're sleeping - storing memories and processing what you learned that day. But the most significant changes in your life come from consciously slowing down and taking time with your thoughts.
Studies show that doing nothing boosts the subconscious, making you more creative. When you’re stressed or constantly on the move, your brain always presents you with the most obvious solution to the problem you’re facing. However, that solution may not be the best one.
Consciously slowing down will allow you to see the whole picture and make the necessary actions to improve your life.

Enjoy the Summer While It Lasts

Next time you enjoy lazy summer days, remember that rest and time to yourself may be more beneficial than you think. Summer days are long, but the season is short. So enjoy it while it lasts, and try to soak up the many advantages of being lazy this summer.
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