Stress Management for the Holidays

Stress management for the holidays is more important than ever with social distancing in mind. The better you manage your stress, the more you can enjoy this festive time of year.

November 10, 2020 by Kailo Labs.

Thisyear has been full of new challenges and opportunities for growth, and theholidays are no exception. A stressful holiday is the last thing we need toround off 2020. While gatherings may be smaller, stress management for theholidays is more important than ever.

Ahealthy balance of self-care and planning will ensure that you and your lovedones get the most out of this holiday season. Smaller, more intimate gatheringswill help manage the overload of social stress, as will preparing yourself—mindand body—for the coming festivities.

Theseason of giving doesn't have to mean offering all you have to give. During theholiday season, stress management is all about maintaining balance, especiallyif you’re living with chronic pain. Stress contributes to chronic pain, so theless of it, the better.

Below,you'll find a few of our favorite tips for keeping stress under control in thecoming months.


Yourfriends and family will thank you if you start the holidays refreshed andcontent instead of dragging yourself through them. Stress management looksdifferent for everyone, but we all appreciate a little extra self-care. Whenyou take care of yourself first, you give yourself the strength to deal withholiday stress head-on.

Smallbreaks with positive visualization and deep breathing techniques will help youdeal with some of the holiday stress. You can also go for a run, take a longbath, get a massage, spend time alone, or meet with your friends before divinginto the family drama. In short, do whatever you need to do to take care ofyou.


Planned Indulgences

Whetheryour holiday vice is sugar, alcohol, caffeine, or a little retail therapy, mapout your indulgence strategy to keep from going overboard. These holidayluxuries can ruin an exercise streak, trigger emotional overeating, and leaveyou feeling stressed long after the holidays are over and done.

Bymaking a plan to indulge sparingly, you save yourself the holiday hangover.Planning doesn’t mean saying no to every cookie, wine glass, and impulse-buy.But you can keep yourself from going overboard by mapping out what and when youindulge.

Nosugar-high is a substitute for the exercise endorphins. No amount of alcoholwill make your family any quieter or less embarrassing. No patterned socks willmake you feel better about a maxed-out credit card. So, when you indulge,choose wisely and stick to a plan.

Time Management

Prioritizingand planning your holiday events will keep you from ripping your hair out lastminute in line at a department store. Start buying presents early, set asidethe time you need to bake, and prepare yourself mentally for the holidayparties. Make a to-do list that spans the entire holiday season, and don’tforget to include time for yourself.

Knowthat you don't have to go to every event despite the pressure from friends andfamily, especially while social distancing. Keep it simple and enjoy the eventsyou do attend. Doing too much will affect your enjoyment of the holidays, andit will affect those around you as they deal with your heightened stress.

Gratitude and Generosity

Gratitudeand generosity are what the holidays are all about, right? Gratitude is apowerful tool. It improves physical and psychological health, makes you moreempathetic, and helps you sleep. Every time you feel overwhelmed, it could helpto consider three things that you are grateful for that day. Even the most stressfulholiday events can be turned around by a more agreeable mindset.

Generositydoesn’t have to mean cash spent. You can be generous with your time and energythroughout the holidays. Instead of beating yourself up for the events youmissed, recognize that you did the best you could with the time you had.

Stress Management for the Holidays and Beyond

Stressmanagement for the holidays is a juggling act. Sometimes we use the holidays asan excuse to stop taking care of ourselves even if we are practicing self-carefor the rest of the year. Taking time for ourselves, making a plan, andpracticing gratitude and generosity will help you go from Scrooge to Santa thisholiday season.

Thesetips are not only applicable during the holidays. The longer your practiceself-care techniques, the more benefits you receive. Planning will reducestress in all areas of your life. Generosity and gratitude are not only theexclusive feature of the holidays. Before the holidays begin, take control ofyour narrative and turn a dreaded yearly tradition into another tool in yourhealing journey.

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