Kailo Celebrates I&T Award

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We’re proud to announce the Kailo Pain Patch has been recognized by Innovation & Tech Today with a Top 50 Most Innovative Product Award. The hardworking teams at Kailo are celebrating, and we’re inviting you to join us!
Kailo Celebrates I&TT Top 50 Most Innovative Products Award

April 2022. This article is independently written by Shelby Golding. All opinions given are hers. Shelby has been certified as a personal trainer and nutritional specialist since 2007. In 2008, she found her passion for writing about these topics and hasn't looked back.

Kailo Celebrates I&TT Top 50 Most Innovative Products Award

We’re proud to announce the Kailo Pain Patch has been recognized by Innovation & Tech Today with a Top 50 Most Innovative Product Award. The hardworking teams at Kailo are celebrating, and we’re inviting you to join us!

This is big news, and we mean BIG. By delving deep into the science behind pain relief, we're bringing a medication-free solution to pain into the spotlight. And during an opioid epidemic, it’s a welcome solution.

Pain management is a must, whether you're an athlete who needs to manage the soreness of regular training or deal with daily chronic pain due to a health condition. Your body will thank you for finding solutions that don't require oral medication, especially when they're easy to use.
Kailo is easy to apply and designed to relieve pain in seconds, making it a viable option for almost everyone. Keep reading to learn more.

The Kailo Pain Patch

The Kailo Pain Patch is theorized to work by interfering with the body's electrical system. Each Kailo patch contains a patented array of capacitors designed to work as a bio antenna, helping you turn down the volume on your pain.
You can stick the Kailo patch directly onto your skin near the location of pain before heading out for your daily workout or activities. It's a medication-free pain management option backed by modern science and tested in an IRB-approved study.
This clinical yielded some promising results, providing a light at the end of the tunnel for many of us who suffer from chronic pain. For example, the study showed that:
● 100% of patients stop prescription medication after using Kailo for pain relief.
● 97% of users were extremely satisfied with Kailo over oral medication.
● 96% of patients reported using “a lot less” oral medication when using Kailo.
● 99% of patients felt pain relief within 10 minutes of using the Kailo patch.
● 27% of patients' pain never returned after removing the Kailo patch.
● Kailo is more effective than other prescription and over-the-counter medications, with no side effects!
● Users reported a significant increase in quality of life when switching to Kailo from oral medication.

Those are some promising numbers, especially when living with ongoing pain. In addition, the study showed that patients reported a significant improvement in sleep pain and sleep quality with Kailo. The study also showed a significant decrease in musculoskeletal pain, such as back pain, neck pain, muscle and tendon pain, and many others.
With such promising results, it's no wonder why more people are turning to Kailo every day for pain relief. It's quickly becoming one of the most popular ways to effectively "turn down" your pain to get back to enjoying your life.

 How Kailo Works

So, how does Kailo work if you’re not taking oral medication? Don’t you need oral pain killers to find relief?
Scientists theorize that Kailo works by interfering with the body’s electrical system. Each Kailo Pain Patch uses a patented array of capacitors that work as bio antenna and help your body with clear communication so that you can turn down your pain.

You don't always need oral pain killers to find relief, whether they're prescription or over the counter. The clinical study referenced above showed that 97% of users were extremely satisfied with Kailo over oral medication!

Imagine a pain relief patch that you'd prefer over oral medication!
“Pain is a huge problem,” says Kailo Founder Stuart Fetzer. “Thousands of people participated in our early research. Almost every one of them had the same reaction: 'This is so weird!' Kailo is astounding technology for relieving pain, naturally. Kailo is especially effective at reducing long-term, chronic pain.”

 Get Kailo Today

Kailo Celebrates I&TT Top 50 Most Innovative Products Award

When you open someone’s medicine cabinet, you usually find one, two, or more bottles of pain relievers. And that’s okay! But we dream of a world where everyone has Kailo in their medicine cabinet – it’s a go-to external solution, and it could be your first line of defense against aches and pains.
You can purchase the Kailo Pain Patch from the Kailo online shop. We have multiple bundle and kit options available, as well as accessories to make your Kailo patch more convenient. There’s a perfect Kailo kit for everyone, so have a look around and find your new best friend.
Be on the lookout for the upcoming Kailo Flex, too. Kailo Flex is designed to bring our more active customers a Kailo Patch designed to move with you, no matter how hard you play.

More About the I&TT Top 50 Most Innovative Products Award

Innovation & Tech Today (I&TT) is one of the leading content publishers on innovation, technology, and the sciences. The company recently announced the winners of its annual Top 50 Most Innovative Products competition, and Kailo was included!
The Top 50 Most Innovative Products is I&TT's most popular award every year. It includes business innovations, new products, connected services, and gadgets from industries like healthcare, smart home, outdoor, adventure, STEM, gaming, and entertainment.
"Every year, we unearth some of the most innovative products on the market. We pride ourselves on having a sharp eye for finding novel products that are technologically advanced and highly useful," said Charles Warner, chief executive officer of Innovative Properties Worldwide and publisher/editor-in-chief of Innovation & Tech Today. "Each product was vigorously tested by our entire editorial staff, as we narrowed down the entrants to the best possible reflection of products that will appeal to our readers."
The Top 50 Most Innovative Products were selected from the following categories:
● Health Tech
● Connected Life
● Outdoor and Adventure Tech
● Gaming and Entertainment
● General Tech Products

Kailo fits neatly in the “Health Tech” category, and we couldn’t be more excited to receive this award. Subscribe to our mailing list or try Kailo today to celebrate alongside us. 

More About Kailo

If you’re new here, welcome! Everyone here at Kailo loves seeing new people try the pain patch and reading your inspiring testimonials. Here’s one of our favorites:

  • This Thing Really Works: "I had lung surgery 5 years ago and have been in pain every day since (nerve damage, they say). I've tried physical therapy, acupuncture, cryotherapy, several nerve pills but the only thing up until Kailo that helped cut the pain was Oxy,” said Cary P. “I've been wearing two Kailo patches now for about 2 months and haven't taken a pain pill the entire time. THANK YOU, KAILO!"

To date, Kailo has helped more than one million people like Cary with their pain management goals. Every member of the Kailo team strives to help those who are suffering, with values based on trust and empathy.
“Our mission is to relieve suffering and enable joy by using innovative technologies to reduce pain without drugs.”

More About Innovation & Tech Today

Innovation & Tech Today is an award-winning digital and print publication covering all things tech. They maintain global coverage of the sciences, innovation, and technology while celebrating cutting-edge products making headway in the marketplace today.
I&TT’s noted cover personalities have featured names like Ricky Gervais, Dave Bautista, James Gunn, Scarlett Johansson, and Penn & Teller.

Get Yours Today

Imagine putting on a patch and breathing in an instant sigh of relief before going about your day. This isn't just fantasy – it's a reality for many people who own the Kailo patch. So, if you're dealing with pain, you owe it to yourself to try the Kailo Pain Patch and see if it can make a difference in your life.
Disclaimer: Kailo should not be used if you have a pacemaker or if you are pregnant. Always consult your doctor or health care professional before using Kailo.


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