How Does Kailo Pain Relief Patch Work? 

pain relief patch

Do you have nagging shoulder pain or chronic backache? Are you trying to find a way to get relief without resorting to pain pills and chemical medications? Well, this is where a cutting-edge product like Kailo comes in. This pain relief patch functions and looks like a normal patch, but with one major difference — it is non-transdermal. It is placed on an area of your body where you are experiencing pain and it gets to work without any medication absorbing into your skin. On top of that, it is a one-time purchase that is waterproof! 

How Does It Work?

Kailo is an innovative, patented technological patch that acts on the pain receptors in the body by boosting various signals, which the brain can then communicate with more effectively. It works by stimulating neurotransmitter pathways and provides feedback to the brain, signaling the pain receptors to turn down. The direct connection to the brain via your body's natural electrical system, allows you to reduce pain and feel relief without the use of medication.

How Was the Kailo Pain Relief Patch Developed?

Initially, the nanotechnology in Kailo was created for use by the military. It was then implemented into this smart nanotechnology patch, as studies have shown promising results of nanotechnology for pain reduction. It doesn't require any kind of battery, nor does it need to be plugged in. It simply adheres to the body and transmits electrical information via the neuronal pathways. This study details how the brain regulates pain.

How Do You Apply It?

The Kailo is easy to use. It consists of a smooth side and a bumpy side, but either side can adhere to the skin. There is an adhesive cover that you apply over the patch and then this is secured to the area of your body where you wish to experience pain relief.

The Kailo pain relief patch strategically focuses on the specific areas you wish to target, so it is possible to use two or three simultaneously. With Kailo you can manage pain easily and quickly.