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Get in Shape for Summer With These Low-Impact Workouts

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Learn more about the benefits of low-impact exercise as you get in shape for summer, including three simple 20-minute workouts that you can do at home.
Get in shape for summer: Woman exercising at a park

June 2022. This article is independently written by Shelby Golding. All opinions given are hers. Shelby has been certified as a personal trainer and nutritional specialist since 2007. In 2008, she found her passion for writing about these topics and hasn't looked back.

Get in shape for summer: Woman exercising at a park

The "summer body" is trending again in the health and wellness world. However, as spring turns to summer and the weather begins to warm up, the reappearance of shorts and tank tops makes us rue those long nights eating packs of Oreos while watching Netflix. So instead, we start to think about getting outside and being active.
Low-impact workouts are an excellent way to get back into working out without putting a lot of strain on the body. As a result, the risk of injury is lower and less stress on the muscles and bones means you can stay active more consistently.
When it comes to exercise, consistency is more important than intensity, especially if you are getting back into exercise after a long absence or starting to exercise for the first time. Not to mention, waking up so sore you can hardly move after every workout is a deterrent for most people in the beginning.
Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of low-impact exercise and a few workouts you can use to get in shape for summer.

Benefits of Low-Impact Workouts

Aside from being an easy way to get yourself moving again, low-impact workouts also have many surprising benefits.

1. The chance of injury is lower

The more intense your workout, the greater your chance of pulling, tearing, or straining a muscle. Some people are more prone to injury than others. Others are recovering from an injury and merely need to take it easy. Whatever the case, low-impact workouts are safer and easier for your whole body.

2. Improve your strength and endurance

Strength training is considered a low-impact activity, especially when using low weights with high repetitions. Low weight and high repetitions trigger the Type 1 "slow-twitch" muscle fibers that do not tire as quickly and help the body build endurance. Most lower-intensity workouts will automatically activate Type 1 muscle fibers. Bodyweight exercises are another method of strength training that helps build muscle and endurance.

3. Less stressful

Intense exercise without proper recovery can eventually lead to raised cortisol levels, the stress hormone. For example, when you practice high-intensity workouts where you run as fast as you can or push your body to its limits, you automatically trigger the release of cortisol. While some cortisol increases performance, too much can increase anxiety, depression, and fatigue.
Since low-impact workouts do not put so much strain on the physical body, the amount of cortisol released is lower and more manageable for our body to get rid of when we finish exercising. This means you need fewer rest days with regular low-impact exercise than with high-impact, high-intensity exercise.

4. Keeps blood pressure low

A low-impact cardiovascular activity like walking, biking, rowing, or swimming is ideal for people with high blood pressure. In general, exercise helps lower blood pressure. However, high-intensity exercise is not usually recommended for people with heart problems since it could exacerbate the issue.

5. May help you lose weight

When it comes to low-intensity exercise, you need to work out longer to burn the same number of calories as during high-intensity workouts. However, you should be able to maintain your workout longer since the intensity is lower.
If you want to lose weight, you need consistent movement to make any progress. Low-impact exercise gets you moving to meet your weight loss goals. They’re easier on your body and still help you meet your fitness goals. So try it for yourself as you get in shape for summer with a few curated workouts below.

Low-Impact Workouts for Summer

3 Low-Impact Workouts for Summer

These low-impact workouts use a combination of cardio and strength training to access all the muscles of the body. If you are just starting to work out or getting back into it, you can do fewer repetitions or sets as you build strength and momentum! Try a few to see which suits your body and goals best.

1. 20 Minute Fat Loss Workout

For this workout, you might want a set of light weights (2.5 to 7 lbs. based on your preference). These exercises are meant to help you burn fat across the body. Do 3 sets of 20 repetitions for each exercise.

1. Jumping Jacks (Step outs)
2. Standing Oblique Crunch
3. Standing Squat with Crossbody Jab
4. Standing Kickback with Dumbbell Row
5. Side Lunge with Dumbbell Curl
6. Front Lunge with Shoulder Press
By combining both arms and legs, you can target all of the major muscle groups and achieve a full-body workout in only 20 minutes! Give it a shot!

2. 20 Minute Summer Leg Workout

For this workout, all you need is a little bit of space to move around. This workout targets all of the major muscles in your legs. Do 3 sets of 20 repetitions for each exercise.
1. Right Lunge Pulses
2. Wall Sit (hold for 20 seconds)
3. Left Lunge Pulses
4. Air Squats
5. Right Leg Lift Pulses
6. Plie Squats
7. Left Leg Lift Pulses
Your legs contain many of the largest muscles in the body. By building up the muscles in the legs, you can increase fat burning to get in shape for summer faster. Muscle burns more calories than fat, so strengthening your legs is a surefire way to a leaner physique.

3. 20 Minute Floor Workout

All you need is a mat and some floor space for this workout. This full-body workout doesn't leave the floor! Do 3 sets of 20 repetitions for each exercise.
1. Side Leg Raise (20 each leg)
2. Single-Leg Glute Bridge/Hip Extensions (20 each leg)
3. Plank Jacks
4. Inchworms/Walk-In, Walk-Out
5. Push-Ups
6. Fire Hydrants/Abductor Knee Raise (20 each leg)
7. Donkey Kicks/Kick Backs (20 each leg)
Begin to increase sets and repetitions as you get used to the workouts.

Workout for You

As you begin your journey to get in shape for summer, take a step back from cultural pressures and norms. Working out is as individual as your diet, sense of style, home decor, or any of the numerous ways we use to define ourselves. What works for one body will not work for all. Choose a workout that works best for you!

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