Fun Fall Workout Ideas: Stay Fit as Temperatures Drop

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Fall is here, which means that everything is changing, your fitness routine included. Check out these fun fall workout ideas to stay in shape this season!
Fun fall workout ideas
October 2022. This article is independently written by Shelby Golding. All opinions given are hers. Shelby has been certified as a personal trainer and nutritional specialist since 2007. In 2008, she found her passion for writing about these topics and hasn't looked back.
Fun fall workout ideas

The signs of Autumn are all around. From the school buses making their rounds to the gradually changing colors of the leaves, you can't miss the reminders of the cold weather to come. But while you might soon find yourself reaching for a sweatshirt or jacket before heading out for the day, your workouts don't need to suffer.

This guide highlights some fun fall workout ideas so that you can carry the summer workout motivation into the cooler months. Ready to start building next year's summer body right now?

Chores Combined with Fitness

As the impending fall weather arrives, many of us have new tasks to handle. If you're a homeowner, raking leaves is one of the classic chores you might find on your list. And if you're not, raking someone else's leaves could help you make extra money for the holidays.

Sure, you could view raking leaves as a monotonous and irritating task. After all, nature has a habit of covering the ground in a fresh coat of leaves after marathon raking sessions, even when it seems like there aren't any more leaves left to fall.

But what if we saw raking as a form of exercise? The perfect chore for those looking to get a little cardio while taking care of the lawn.

According to the Compendium of Physical Activities, raking leaves is roughly equivalent to 4.0 METs (metabolic equivalent of exercise). This is similar to what you'd expect to achieve with a moderate intensity walk. That's right. Raking leaves can provide nearly the same cardiovascular benefits as a good walk.

That said, raking itself isn't enough exercise to keep you fit and healthy all season, so you'll also want to add some traditional workouts. And you can do these during your raking session. For example, you might do five pushups and five squats after every new pile of leaves. Depending on the size of your lawn, this could equate to dozens of reps before your chores are done.

Pumpkin Tosses

Halloween is one of the most anticipated fall holidays. Families and individuals often get together for a night of pumpkin carving to celebrate this unique yearly tradition.

However, once the pumpkins are carved and the holiday has ended, there's something else you can do with these jack-o-lanterns. You can use them for a super fun workout (if you get to them early before they go soft).

Pumpkins often weigh between 12 and 18 pounds, and they're perfect for a pumpkin tossing competition. And if you do it in nature, which is recommended, you'll also provide a nice treat for the local wildlife. Just be sure to check with your local governing bodies to make sure it's ok to dispose of your pumpkins in the spot you choose.

Here's how to go about setting up a pumpkin tossing competition in three easy steps:
  1. Find a local, wooded area with plenty of wildlife.
  2. Set up a starting line and define the rules of the competition.
  3. See who can throw their pumpkin the farthest!
Alternatively, one could set up a “pumpkin run” competition, where each person carries their leftover gourd for a defined distance in a race. Then, the pumpkins can be left behind when the workout is complete. Or, if you don't have a wooded area, hold a second round to run the pumpkins back to a trash can or compost bin placed by the starting line.

Try starting an annual Halloween tradition of using your carved pumpkins to get your muscles working. And anyone who isn't participating will have plenty of fun watching. (Trust us.)

Leaf Peeping

Leaf Peeping

In some regions of the country, leaf peeping is a well-loved fall activity. All you need to do is find a good, tree-lined area and observe the changing colors of the leaves. Many people also like taking photos of fall foliage, and it's a great practice to create fall memories.

While some will do this from the comfort of their cars, this pursuit can be made more physically active by walking or hiking on a nearby trail. In addition, leaf peeping makes time pass quickly, and you might cover more ground than you'd expect.

Sweater Runs

Fall is the time to dig into the back of the closet and dust off your sweaters. So why not make this tradition more fun by setting up an informal sweater run with a group of friends or coworkers?

Much like color races, costume marathons, and turkey trots, sweater runs are another exciting themed running activity. While you can make these runs into formal, registered events, they can easily include a small group from the neighborhood that all runs together in their favorite sweaters.

Sweater runs allow the exercisers to stay warm during these cold months while showing off their favorite fall pullovers. And if you'd like to add to the competition, try holding an ugly sweater contest at the end of the run.

Fall Sports

All across America, watching football is one of the most-loved Sunday activities. Every week during the Autumn months, families gather around the TV and cheer for their team. While this is a great way to increase bonding between family and friends, all this time spent sitting around
doesn't help burn calories.

Instead of just watching, pick up a football and play to get your blood pumping. Then, while the commentators review the first half of the game, the gang can head outside for 30 minutes and toss the old pigskin back and forth.

Better yet, your group could organize a quick game in the backyard before or after the game. This will increase the energy expenditure and get everyone excited for the Sunday football action.

Customization Is Key

We hope some of these ideas inspire you to stay active and healthy through the fall season. And remember to keep up with your summer workouts, as many exercises can be brought indoors or into the comfort of a gym (or local rec center).

The most important thing is staying active during the cooler fall months, no matter what activities you choose. Completing chores, cooking, and even watching TV can all be modified to increase your energy expenditure and tone your muscles. It just takes a little bit of customization and creativity.

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