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Foot Pain Relief: Easy Home Remedies

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We all know the importance of a strong foundation for building homes, businesses, and relationships, but what about our bodies? Our feet are the foundation of our body, and they require proper care. Foot pain can have many different causes, from pain-related diseases such as obesity or diabetes to injury, arthritis, or poorly fitting shoes. Whatever the cause, you may find yourself in need of foot pain relief to go on with your day. 

Foot Pain

Foot pain can be severe. If we can't walk or run, essential tasks such as exercising, running errands, and working in our garden become next to impossible.

Please note that foot pain can have many causes. Talk to your doctor if your foot pain is sudden or severe, recently injured your foot, have trouble walking due to pain, or have a fever or redness associated with your foot pain.

Foot pain relief depends on the cause of your pain, but here are some easy home remedies that may help moderate pain in the meantime. Heat and ice, foot stretches, and massages can all help mediate foot pain and provide relief. 

Heat and Cold 

Heat therapy, or thermo-therapy, promotes blood flow and helps muscles relax. If your foot pain is chronic, heat will help loosen up muscles tight with tension or stiff with disuse. However, heat is not always the best option if you're suffering from inflammation since it can aggravate the injury. 

Cold therapy, or cryotherapy, can help reduce inflammation by reducing blood flow. Your doctor may have told you to ice a swollen injury. Ice is the first step for foot pain caused by trauma or overuse. Cold therapy should not be used to treat muscle spasms or tension.

In some cases, you can use alternating heat and cold therapy. This is called contrast therapy. Contrast therapy is best for muscles that have been overworked due to exercise or physical labor.

Both heat and cold have their benefits and are cheap and easy remedies to incorporate into your daily routine. Many affordable ice and heat packs are available at your local pharmacy or can be purchased online.

Foot Pain Exercises

Increasing strength and flexibility of the muscles in the feet can help alleviate pain and soreness. Practicing regular foot exercises is an easy way to ensure foot pain relief lasts. Since our feet are the primary weight bearers on the human body, keeping them healthy will ensure that we stay active longer.

The best part is that most of these exercises can be done while sitting at a desk! Next time you are feeling fidgety, try a few of these simple foot pain relief exercises.

Toe Curls: Place a towel, t-shirt, or blanket on the floor beneath your feet. Using your toes, drag the cloth toward you until it's all bunched up. Flatten it out and repeat! Do ten repetitions on each side.

Monkey Toes: Place a small object like a marble or binder clip on the floor beneath you. Using your toes, pick up the object and place it in front of the other foot. Repeat with the other foot. Pass it back and forth at least ten times with each foot.

Toe Flex: Start with your feet flat on the floor. Engage the muscles on the top of the foot to lift the toes off the floor without lifting the rest of your foot. Return to the starting position. Next, press your toes into the floor, lifting through the arches, so the toes are the only things touching the floor. Return to start and repeat ten times all the way through.

A few other ways to increase foot strength and flexibility might include: spending some of your day barefoot, practicing picking up things that you've dropped with your toes, and taking walks in the dirt versus on sidewalks or concrete.

Massage for Foot Pain 

Whether you get a massage from a professional, your significant other, or practice self-massage, massaging your feet is a great way to help with foot pain. 

Targeted therapeutic foot massages can improve circulation, reduce swelling, and fight depression. If you have chronic foot pain, you may be surprised how much pain relief a massage can provide. Touch is a basic human need that can have emotional, mental, and physical benefits. 

If you would prefer, self-massage is an easy and cheap alternative to seeking out a professional. All you need for a great self foot massage is a tennis ball or other similarly sized ball. While sitting in a chair, couch, or side of your bed, put the ball on the floor beneath you. Massage the bottom of your feet, one foot at a time, by placing your foot gently on the ball and rolling the ball beneath it. Allow yourself to become absorbed in the moment. If an area feels particularly tight, press your foot down gently to release tension. Try to do five minutes on each side, breathing deeply.

If a tennis ball is too intense, try using your hands to massage your feet with some lotion.

Healthy Feet for Life 

These easy home remedies are only a few ways that you can get quick foot pain relief. Choosing the right shoes, maintaining a healthy weight, and actively engaging your feet are a few more ways that you can prevent foot pain before it begins. Always consult a doctor before making changes to an existing foot care routine. Do not do any of these remedies if they make your foot pain worse.

Your Kailo Pain Patch can provide excellent foot pain relief as well. Apply Kailo near the foot that's in pain and enjoy the rest of your day pain-free. 

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