Dealing with Lower Back Pain

lower back pain relief

Lower back pain is one of the most common medical issues in America. Between 60% and 70% of Americans will suffer from lower back pain at some point in their life. Now, lower back pain relief doesn't necessarily mean the use of drugs. The Kailo pain patch was invented to give you lower back pain relief.

Kailo Pain Patch

Kailo looks and works like a pain patch. But it does not use drugs. The Kailo system is theorized to use your body’s natural signals to help your brain communicate with an injured area. Think of Kailo as an antenna designed to boost and transmits information from your brain to your lower back. It is this information from your body and brain that can potentially provide lower back pain relief.

There is no battery needed, nor do you have to plug into an electrical outlet. Kailo has billions of nano capacitors  designed to react to the electricity in your body. The Kailo patch is placed where you are suffering your back pain, using the Kailo adhesive. The patch can be worn throughout the day. The patch is safe to wear in water; simply pat it dry with a towel.

This article in Utah Business provides more details on the technology behind Kailo.

Kailo is a technological marvel. But you are only looking for lower back pain relief. A benefit of Kailo is that you can potentially start receiving pain relief as quickly as one minute after placing the patch on your pain point. This is because you aren't waiting for drugs to move through your body. Kailo is transmitting signals from your brain immediately.

There are millions of Americans looking for lower back pain relief. Kailo may provide that relief without the use of drugs. You can get more information about this amazing product on Kailo's website.