Can Kailo Pain Patch Help Your Back Pain?

The short answer is YES! You can finally experience the back pain relief you've been searching for. The Kailo pain patch works with your body's natural electrical system to turn down your pain receptors so you can feel good again and smile at life. You won't believe the back pain relief you can find with Kailo pain patches — until you experience the pain relief yourself. Kailo is the best pain reliever for back pain. And your new best friend.But don't take our word for it. 

Back Pain Relief In Seconds

with the Kailo Pain Patch

"I love to play soccer…and give everything I’ve got. That may be why I broke my back playing. Fortunately, I only broke my spinous process, so I didn’t lose feeling or movement. It hurt like crazy. The doctor wanted to give me painkillers. I didn’t want them. Then my mom brought me a Kailo patch. I had her tape it right on my spine above my break, and the pain went away in seconds.” 

- Paiden Mecham

Will Kailo pain patch provide upper back pain relief?

Again, the answer is YES! 

If you are looking for the best over the counter (otc) solution for upper back pain relief, Kailo pain patches can provide the best pain relief possible — and without side effects. Just place the patch between the pain in your upper back and your brain, and the nano-tech capacitors in our back patches will interfere with the pain receptors and give you upper back pain relief within seconds. You really can live the pain-free life you desire. 

"I received [my Kailo pain patch] yesterday and immediately started using it. It took me about 3 minutes before I found a good spot on my upper back. The pain went away within seconds." — Michael Labbe

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Can Kailo Back Patches Provide Lower Back Pain Relief?

Again, YES!Many people are looking for lower back pain relief products that work quickly and without harmful side effects. Kailo pain patches are the best solution for lower back pain relief — even better than over the counter (otc) lower back pain relief products — because there are no harmful side effects. Here's what Kailo customers are saying about their lower back pain relief: 

"Kailo…eases my lower back pain from sitting for too long; it makes the last few hours so much more bearable. I always have [a Kailo back patch] in my purse, ready to use whenever I need it." – Delphine D. 

How Do Kailo Patches Work to Ease Back Pain?

A Kailo pain patch contains no medications or over the counter drugs. It's safe. Waterproof. And easy to use. The military developed Kailo patches with nano-technology for the sole purpose of relieving pain. Kailo back patches use millions of nano-capacitors that work like bio-antennas to support your body's natural ability to relieve its own pain.

Stuart Fetzer had the vision to bring Kailo pain relief patches to the public so everyone could enjoy a life without pain. Simply place a Kailo pain patch on your body between your brain and the pain — and within seconds, you'll experience the back pain relief you've been searching for. No chemicals. No side effects. Kailo is one of the best back pain relief products on the market today. 

Try a Kailo pain patch risk-free to see how it can relieve your back pain in seconds.  


"They got it positioned on my lower back and then all of the sudden, I couldn't feel the pain. It was almost weird. It's something you live with for so long and then all of the sudden it's not there."

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