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Is Kailo a Pain Patch?

“Kailo is an innovative, non-transdermal technology that looks and acts like a pain patch.

How do these things work?

Kailo is made with a patented technology that is being developed for use in high-tech applications like antennas, signal transmission, bio-identification, and energy storage. The effectiveness of Kailo on the human body was sort of a happy accident. Kailo is designed to boost the natural signals of the body and help the brain communicate with disrupted areas more effectively. 

Do you plug them in? Is there a battery?

Kailo does not have a battery and it doesn’t plug in. Kailo’s billions of tiny capacitors are designed to react to the electrical charges in your body, enhancing and propagating your body’s natural communication signals

Do the Pain Patches ever "wear out?"

Kailo is very durable. When well maintained, Kailo may last for years before needing replacement. Kailo is a great value. This reusable pain relief product offers amazing long-term potential for a one-time purchase.

How long can I wear Kailo?

You can wear Kailo all day every day if desired.

Can my Kailo get wet?

Yes. Each Kailo is formed on a waterproof polyester substrate and is covered with a dielectric coating. They have been tested for water-resistance and full submersion. After use in water, simply dab it with a clean, dry towel and allow it to air dry.

Are the people in your testimonials real customers?

100% Absolutely. In addition, the few testimonials you read on the site are only scratching the surface. We have thousands of cases of people using our technology to improve their lives. Our team uses them every day as a matter of practicality. Kailo is a genuinely game-changing technology. Order yours today.

Will Kailo help my specific condition?

Kailo has proven to be very universally capable. Please contact us at to learn what experiences we have had with specific conditions.

Can I wear the patch while having an MRI?

The Kailo Patch does contain silver and copper and should not be worn while undergoing an MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging). The FDA reminds patients and providers that patients should not wear any metal during an MRI.

What if Kailo doesn’t work for me?

Kailo is far more than just a business for us, it's changed thousands of lives already. We offer a no-hassle, 100% money-back guarantee. If you feel Kailo isn't working for you within 90 days,​ we'll gladly take it back. Before returning your Kailo, we would love a chance to make sure you've found the correct placement. Over 90% of our customers have found an increase in comfort. Our goal is to help everyone get relief. Please contact us at

Does the bumpy or smooth side of the Kailo go toward the skin?

Either side will work the same. However, if you are using the Kailo adhesives, we find that the Kailo adhesives stick better to the smooth side of the Kailo.

Where are you guys located?

We're based in the heart of Silicon Slopes, Utah. Kailo is designed, engineered, and manufactured in Utah — the birthplace of television, artificial heart, electric traffic lights, and Frisbee. We're proud to be part of the innovative, hard-working, and kind culture of the Beehive State.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! We love sharing Kailo with the world. We have shipped to 103 countries.

What is the best way to contact Kailo?

Please email us at for the quickest response. If you are contacting us about an order, please include your name as it appears on your order.

How do I return a Kailo?

Please contact us at so that we can help you with your return.

Why does tracking show that my international order has been in the same place for several days?

Packages sent outside the United States have to clear customs in the destination country. This process could take days or weeks. Tracking will show the last U.S. city where your order was scanned before leaving the country. After that, tracking will not update until the package has cleared customs. Customs fees and duties may be required in order to obtain your order. If you believe that your order has cleared customs and has not yet been delivered, please check with your local post office to see if the package is being held there. Customs and duties are the responsibility of the buyer. We have no control over how long it takes for international orders to arrive. Please note that many international orders will be routed through a country other than that of its final destination. This is normal and is done to ensure a more secure delivery internationally.

How do I clean my Kailo?

You can use warm water and soap. If there is adhesive residue from medical tape you can use Goo gone, but wash it gently afterwards. Do not use caustic or cleaners or rubbing alcohol as they can deteriorate Kailo over time.

Can you wear more than one Kailo at a time?

Kailo works hyper locally so it can only focus on one area of pain at a time. You can however wear more than one Kailo at a time. Almost everyone can wear 2 and many people can wear 3. We have had a few customers that wear more. However, there is a definite threshold that varies from person to person, where adding one more Kailo decreases the effectiveness of the others. The best bet is to add one at a time, find good placement and then as you add each additional one, evaluate if the first ones placed have decreased in their effectiveness at all.

Can you wear Kailo if you are pregnant?

We do not recommend individuals who are pregnant to use Kailo.

Does Kailo Pain Patch help relieve menstrual cramps?

Most women experience menstrual cramps at some time during their life — and for many, the pain is excruciating. Painful periods can disrupt life and force you to miss work, lose sleep, and say no to opportunities to enjoy friends, family, and activities. Women report they have experienced the best pain relief for cramps possible — without narcotics. Learn more here.

Can the Kailo Pain Patch help with back pain?

The short answer is YES! You can finally experience the back pain relief you've been searching for. The Kailo pain patch is designed to work with your body's natural electrical system to turn down your pain receptors so you can feel good again and smile at life. You won't believe the back pain relief you can find with Kailo pain patches — until you experience the pain relief yourself. Our customers report that Kailo is the best reliever for back pain. Learn more here.

Can the Kailo Pain Patch help with knee pain?

We have many Kailo users who experience relief of their knee pain. See the placement videos to see how.

Can you wear Kailo Pain Patch if you have a pacemaker?

We do not recommend individuals who have a Pacemaker use Kailo.

Do you have an affiliate program?

We do have an affiliate/influencer program. Email us at for more information.

How do I apply the adhesive?

Place the Kailo rough side down on a flat surface. The smooth side should be up. Then place the adhesive down on the smooth side of the Kailo with the letter side touching the Kailo. The blank side of the adhesive should be up. Make sure the two pieces are directly on top of each other. Lift half of the adhesive and pull off the paper starting in the middle, as you are doing this flatten the adhesive side down onto the smooth side of the Kailo patch. Repeat this step with the other half of the paper. Now your adhesive should be attached to your Kailo. Left on top is the clear plastic cover. You may want to keep this part so you have something to cover the adhesive with when it's not in use. That is the side you will attach to the spot on your body that you found relief. A small percentage of customers have reported allergic reactions to our silicon-based adhesive. Also see a video of how to apply the adhesive at

How do I remove the adhesive?

Please refer to the video on page. Peel up one corner of the adhesive from your Kailo patch. Then pull the adhesive away from the Kailo at a low angle almost parallel to the Kailo. (Note: you are not pulling the adhesive over the top of the Kailo, but rather away from the Kailo) The adhesive will stretch, but it will also begin peeling off and will come off clean and leave no residue.

Which side of the Kailo do I put against my skin?

You can place either side against your skin. The differences in the textures on the Kailo is a product of the manufacturing, not a product of function. We generally like to put the adhesive on the smooth side. So, the smooth side ends up against the skin most of the time.

Will there be customs and duties on my international order?

Yes and customs and duties are the responsibility of the buyer. We have no control over them as they are determined by the individual governments.

If I return my Kailo for a refund, will my customs and duties be refunded to me? Not by Kailo. Those fees are collected by your government. We have googled some countries’ policies and there are some countries from which you can get a refund. That will be your responsibility as a buyer.

When can I expect my domestic order?

First Class package: 3-5 business days

Parcel Select Ground: 3-8 business days

USPS Priority Mail: 3 business days

USPS Priority Mail Express: 3 business days (unavailable)

*business days are Monday through Friday. USPS does not consider Saturday a business day, though they do deliver on Saturdays. Kailo only ships Monday thru Friday. Also, please be aware that COVID has caused delays across all carriers. No time estimate is guaranteed.

Does Kailo Pain Patch contain metal? Can the metal be absorbed into my body?

Kailo does contain 2 conductive metals. However, studies have shown that the metal cannot and will not be absorbed by your body.

How long will my Kailo last?

Original Kailo:
It may be time to replace your Original Kailo if you notice slurry discoloration. Under normal use, many people have said that the Original Kailo patch can last over one year. You should not use the Kailo if the golden slurry is coming off the patch.

Kailo Flex:
It may be time to replace your Kailo Flex if you notice slurry discoloration or slurry coming off of the patch. Under normal use, people have been able to use the Kailo Flex for up to one month.

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