Where Technology and Health Collide - Kailo

pain relief patch

Kailo is a topical pain relief patch that represents the latest technological advance in pain management. The interim report of its clinical trials published recently are extremely positive, suggesting Kailo represents the future direction of pain management.

The Technology of Kailo

The pain relief patch represents the latest in nanotechnology. Previous research has illustrated that nanomaterials contain unique magnetic, electrical, and chemical properties and that some metals can be used in therapeutic applications, including pain management. Cells can be interacted with at a molecular level by using nanotechnology with specific cellular functions targeted.

Using tiny nano-capacitors that may sense, absorb, and transmit signals within the nervous system that don't block but absorb the noise, communication between the cells in the nociceptive pathway is clearer and correct messages relating to pain can be delivered more efficiently.

The Pain Relief Patch Results

The interim results from the clinical trials suggest while the science behind the pain relief patch may be theoretical, nanotechnology is definitely producing results in patients with mild, moderate, or chronic pain.

With the clinical trial focusing on those with mild, moderate, or chronic pain, 98% of participants report they have reduced the oral pain medications they had previously taken, with 97% of participants indicating they are satisfied with the pain relief patch preferring it over their oral medications. One of the exciting results has been the absence of any side effects among the participants.

The mean Brief Pain Inventory (BPI) severity score decreased by 67%, while the BPI interference score decreased by 71%. Participants have also reported improvements in their quality of life, especially mood, sleep, mobilization, relationships with others, and overall general enjoyment.

When the clinical trial results are weighed up, it is clear that while the exact mechanism of the Kailo pain relief patch remains theoretical, the use of technology has potentially changed the way pain will be managed in the future.