Natural Healing Without the Meds

With the current negative overtones toward opioids and complications around the medications used to relieve acute and chronic pain, the natural healing powers of the Kailo pain relief patch may be the answer many have been waiting for. Offering natural healing without the need for pharmacological intervention, this nanotechnology pain patch is revolutionizing pain management.

Conquering Pain

Pain is an area that modern medicine has never adequately addressed; while it has been the subject of a considerable amount of research, there are still limited choices for treating pain. There is no clear consensus within the medical community about how to treat pain effectively; however, there are increasing concerns regarding the medication used in pain management and its long-term effects.

pain relief patch

Patented Nanotechnology

Kailo uses patented nanotechnology into a topical patch providing a natural way to manage pain without the need for medications. The pain relief patch aims to boost the body's natural signals, which helps the brain communicate more effectively with the areas of the body that have been disrupted by pain through the activation or inhibition of ion channels for an analgesic effect.

Clinical Trials

Clinical trials to date have shown positive and statistically significant results in patient outcomes relating to mild, moderate, and chronic pain. A preference toward this new technology over oral medications has also been observed, with patient satisfaction levels at 97%.

No Side Effects

One of the most exciting benefits of this natural pain relief patch is the absence of the side effects that have become synonymous with pharmaceutical-based pain relief, such as addiction, GI toxicity, and renal complications.

As a natural pain patch, the systemic interactions are minimized because other body systems are not needed for the analgesic effect to take effect. The product works directly on the nociceptive or pain pathways.

Given the positive results of the clinical trials to date, it is likely the Kailo pain relief patch will become a first-line non-pharmacological intervention that should be a welcome addition to the health practitioners' arsenal in pain management.