Kailo Uses No Drugs

pain patch

Do you suffer from lower back or neck pain? Why spend outrageous amounts of money on potentially harmful or addictive pain medications when the Kailo pain patch offers you a drug-free solution.

Using specially designed nanotechnology, each Kailo pain relief patch will boost the bodies' natural signals. Helping the brain better communicate through the nervous system pathways more effectively.

A Chemical and Drug-Free Pain Reliever

Each pain patch is applied to your body using a water-proof, reusable silicone adhesive strip that you apply just above the source of your pain.

Kailo's pain relief patches don't contain any drugs or chemicals, meaning nothing harmful enters your body at any stage during the treatment.

Simply put, each patch makes use of millions of nanocapacitors. Acting as bio antennas to enhance the communication between your brain and the location of the pain.

By moving the patch from the source of your pain towards the brain, you follow the nervous system pathways. The patch uses the electricity inside your body to enhance the interaction between the pain signals and your brain. You'll know it's working when you start to feel a warm tingling sensation, which may lead to instant pain relief.

So the next time you're suffering from neck, knee, or back pain, consider using Kailo's pain relief patches. A drug and chemical-free alternative to potentially combating all sorts of aches and pain. Which may offer you a natural cure to a common ailment and give you the lower back pain relief you’re looking for.


Our understanding of pain remains a complex and confusing process despite centuries of research. Caused by neurons in the body, acute and chronic pain symptoms can vary widely, and there are no one-stop solutions.

While traditional treatments use pain-relief medications, there is always the risk of side effects or the manifestation of dependency on the drug and addiction through overprescription. And not everyone will be able to afford traditional medicines or have access to them.

It makes the Kailo pain relief patch so appealing to those looking for drug-free pain relief alternatives. And to move away from a reliance on traditional medicine. The key is not to give up and to keep trying different patch placement points. Begin near to and just above your source of pain and work around this region to help speed up your recovery and eliminate it.

For further assistance, please contact the helpful Kailo support team via email at support@gokailo.com for a same-day reply. Or visit the informative FAQ section of the website for more guidance. And potentially be on your way to overcoming your discomfort, leaving your body pain-free to live your best life!