Kailo KT Tape!

lower back pain relief

Are you a runner, mountain biker, or just a general outdoors lifestyle enthusiast? Be it hiking with your family to gardening around your home, your joints such as knees, wrists, ankles and, elbows can take strain leading to unwelcome aches and pain.

The revolutionary Kailo pain patch is here to help. It’s nanotechnology designed to boost the natural signals of the body. And help the brain communicate with painful areas of the body more effectively. Clinically proven, it's a drug and chemical-free alternative to traditional medicine.

The Kailo pain relief patch is water-proof and reusable. Designed to be a non-slip adhesive silicone patch, it can be comfortably worn, either at the office, around your home, or while being active outdoors. And potentially offer you an enhancement in your quality of life, as well as significant pain reduction. It may assist you in everything from sore knees and ankles to lower back pain relief.

How does it work?

All you need to do is place a Kailo pain patch directly above the source of your pain. Each patch has millions of nanocapacitors that act as bio antennas. Which helps improve the communication between your brain and the location of the pain.

As each patch is reusable, keep moving the patch up along the nervous system pathway towards the brain. You'll know it's starting to work when the pain relief patch starts to give off a warm, tingling sensation. And it may begin to relieve you from your discomfort in seconds.

A common complaint amongst those who pursue outdoor activities and hobbies is knee joint pain. A successfully proven and drug-free alternative to pain relief medication is to place a Kailo pain patch horizontally just above the knee. By keeping one edge of the patch on the center of the knee, continue wrapping the rest around the outer side of your leg.

By playing around with the placement, you may be able to alleviate the pain very quickly, allowing you to continue enjoying your outdoor pursuit.

Introducing the Kailo KT Tape

The Kailo KT tape comes in a pack of 30 adhesives, measuring 1.2'' x 3.5''. It's very soft on the skin, simple to use, and the best part is it won't pull out hair.

Clinically tested and designed, the KT tape helps keep your Kailo pain patch in place around ankles, wrists, arms, and legs. Areas of the body that move a lot or are hard to reach, giving you better peace of mind and allowing the Kailo pain relief patch to potentially speed up your recovery.

Each piece of KT tape will last between one to three days, depending on the placement location and your skin type. And when the adhesive loses its stick, simply peel the adhesive tape off and put on the new one.

For further assistance, please contact the helpful Kailo support team via email at support@gokailo.com for a same-day reply. Or visit the informative FAQ section of their website for more guidance. And potentially be on your way to overcoming your discomfort, giving you lower back pain relief to enjoy your active, outdoor lifestyle!