Do I Have Electricity in My Body?

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At rest, the average human body produces around 100 watts of power. That is enough power to operate a lightbulb! Electricity is the key to everything in our body, from the heart pump contractions you can feel if you touch your chest to the messages that your brain's receiving as you read this article.

Our cells specialize in conducting electrical currents. Electricity is required for the nervous system to send signals throughout the body and to the brain. Making it possible for us to move, think and feel. But also to help us identify pain when something is wrong. This flow of energy through the human body is what the Kailo pain relief patch taps into to help you heal quicker.

The Kailo pain patch is a nanotechnology patch that uses two conductive metals designed to boost the body’s natural signals. Helping your brain communicate with the nervous system more effectively to combat your pain.

How does the Kailo patch utilize your body's electricity to relieve pain?

Quite simply, you put the Kailo pain relief patch between your pain and your brain and let it get to work. It may start working in a matter of seconds, potentially offering you a chemical and drug-free ailment to many forms of bodily aches, including lower back pain relief.

When the human body is experiencing pain, the cells send this information up through electrical pulses via the nervous system to the brain. Using the silicone, non-slip adhesive tape patch, place the Kailo patch just above your source of pain. Then slowly move the reusable patch upwards until you may start to feel a warm, tingly sensation.

The Kailo pain relief patch has billions of tiny capacitors designed to react to the electrical charges within your body. Making it able to treat your body as a live battery source, enabling it to draw its energy for storage from it. And enhance your body's natural communication signals to the brain to dull and relieve your pain.

The key is to keep experimenting with the placement of the Kailo pain patch for the best results. It can be worn for several days and is waterproof; you can wear it at the office, at home, or even when exercising at the gym.

For further assistance, please contact the helpful Kailo support team via email at for a same-day reply. Or visit the informative FAQ section of their website for more guidance. And potentially be on your way to overcoming your discomfort, leaving your body pain-free to enjoy your active, outdoor lifestyle!