Celebrities Try Kailo Pain Patch At The Oscars

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Hollywood's celebrities were invited to try the innovative Kailo pain patch in the Pre-Oscars Lounge at the 2021 Academy Awards. Over 80 top actors, musicians and athletes were gifted the Kailo pain relief patch in their swag bags. The Kailo team was at the Celebrity Gift Lounge event held at the West Hollywood La Peer Hotel to help the stars try out this state-of-the-art technological patch. Some of the celebs who were treated to the Kailo patch included Jeremy Piven, Viola Davis, Eugene Levy, William Fichtner, Kesha, Anthony Anderson, and Justin Turner of the LA Dodgers.

Each celebrity had the opportunity to use the patch and experience its drug-free non-transdermal, healthcare effects. Kailo works by stimulating the body's electrical system via neurotransmitter pathways from the brain. This provides pain reduction to specific target areas of the body, without the need for medications, by calming the pain receptors in the body.

By boosting the natural signals in the body, the brain can communicate with painful areas more effectively, thereby providing hyper-focused relief. This has been shown in numerous studies about neuro-transmitters and pain regulation. The slim, flexible design contains nanotechnology and feels and looks like a standard pain patch. More than one can be worn at a time, which is ideal for athletes who might require multiple areas to be targeted.

To be included in the Oscars event and to have their pain patch distributed to celebrities was an exciting achievement for the Kailo team. For celebrities to try a unique pain reduction that is completely drug-free and branded as the future of pain relief is a huge stepping stone for Kailo. The pain patch has also been advertised in People Magazine, NBC, EOnline, LA Weekly, and Access Hollywood.

The Oscars event was an exciting way to inform people about the innovative drug-free pain management solution that Kailo provides.